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Kaileb, 15 - was started by Kaileb or Kay as she known by her friends, is the oldest of four of a single mother. A natural born leader, Kay is a sophomore in high school, with aspirations to be an entrepreneur. She works part time in the customer service and real estate fields, enjoys listening to music, hanging out with her friends, studying business and African American history.

When we asked Kay why she what type of business she wanted to explore, she stated; "I have always loved hair and what I noticed is a lot of the beauty supplies have people who don't look like me or my friends, selling beauty products to us. The products never have price tags on them, the stores are crowded . What is really sad is a lot of the times I cannot even go into beauty supply Store  with a group of my girls because they only allow so many teenagers in at time. When we do go in  the people are not the coolest to us. So I wanted to create a space where I can offer fabulous bundles at a good price to good people."

Spending appears to be  on the rise in our country and the African American consumer dollar, is seeing increases, (1 trillion annually, Nielsen), yet consumers all over the country are being met with less consumer driven shopping experience, often times charging optimal prices for a lackluster experience .